Title: Aqua
Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 24 inches.
Sides of are staple-free and painted to match. No additional frame is necessary. Ready to hang!

Price: 123

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Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 24 inches.
Sides of are staple-free and painted to match. No additional frame is necessary. Ready to hang!
Price: 123

Artistís Statement

My work celebrates freedom of spirit through the purity of color and brush stroke, light and movement. Each uplifting piece is a glimpse into a boundless environment that invites you, the viewer, to drift, wander, explore, float, soar. A quick glance sets a mood or conveys an emotion. More contemplation may reveal intriguing paths to follow, subtleties to observe, or unexpected details and surprises to discern.

My pieces often embody a sense of journey or discovery. Iíve noticed that this is evident, not only in the finished paintings, but in the actual process used to create the paintings. The element of chance plays a significant role. The pieces that are created using a sequence of countless watery layers are especially unpredictable. I continuously observe analogies to life and appreciate the unexpected rewards as well as the challenges that surface along the way. A parent can provide guidance and nurturing to a child, but each child blossoms into a unique individual through a combination of internal and external influences. Similarly, when I guide and nurture layer upon watery layer of color-- color that seemingly has a mind of its own, changing and shifting due to various external or compositional factors Ė the intermediate decisions and end results are an exciting balance between control and spontaneity.

Perspective is another life lesson I find in the paintings. Close examination of a single, small drip may reveal interesting nuances such as a concentric gradation of color from the outside edge to the center, but on a larger scale, the individual beauty of the drip itself is lost. Still, that same drip plays a different role in its contribution to the whole. Often, there is quite a bit of random chaos at the detailed level, but the overall effect -- the big picture -- has a certain tranquility and peace.

Each painting is a reflection of some part of me; however, each individual viewer brings a personal and unique experience when viewing that same painting. I suppose you could say that the painting is an experiential vehicle or conduit rather than being something painted to illustrate a subject or message in and of itself... Perhaps the absence of a specific subject in the painting is because the subject is actually the viewer.

I hope that my artwork stirs your emotions, lifts your spirits, takes you on your own private journey, and inspires what matters to you most.

My middle name, Sanaye, by which I sign my artwork, is pronounced sah-nah-yeh. The meaning in Japanese is the first, the strongest, and thus the premium sprout to break through the surface in a crop. I value the symbolism of Sanaye and strive to do the name justice.

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